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CrazyCarl92 2013年8月5日 23時57分
Achievements won't credit on steam
I finished all the 'least steps/portals/time' challenges a few minutes ago, but my steam was in offline mode since my internet had been down earlier in the day. As shown in this screenshot, I have 14/15 achievements in the game, but only 11 have credited on steam.


Anyone know how to make steam check for my achievements again (I've brought steam back into online mode and relaunched the game, of course)?
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ЅДм╬мДN 2013年8月6日 1時08分 
You should have it when you'll become online, as usual.

Try to restart Seam, if it doesn't work I would suggest to repeat once more of challenges, that the one you played at last

You can also verify the game files, Steam need to resync your last save files with Steam could so you'd get the achievement.
CrazyCarl92 2013年8月6日 1時20分 
Thanks for the reply, and good idea with verifying game files, but those things did not work.
ЅДм╬мДN 2013年8月6日 1時56分 
No problem :)

Hmm, even for me (in offline mod) if I pass the challenges, achievement would appear. Just like once time I was being offline and I was about the process of challenges for achievement and didn't notice that I was offline, after I become online, it synced with Steam cloud and corrected my achievement process.

But like I said before, try to reply the last challenge that you have done it, are you sure all challenges are there? Check it out :)
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CrazyCarl92 2013年8月6日 1時58分 
I had already tried that, and yes I'm sure (you can see in the background on my screenshot that I have 14/15 achievements complete in-game)
ЅДм╬мДN 2013年8月6日 2時07分 
Yes, I saw that, I assume you was trying to beat least, portal, time challenges. So maybe you can try load a previously save game and run for challenge again, when time you are online, ... maybe that will fix it.

Other then that, Sorry, I have no idea, try to contact Steam support and ask to them, hope your problem will solve :)

As for myself, I haven't done yet with those Time Challenges, I stuck at the last Test Chamber 18 and still trying to get it ;)
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Watzi (fml) 2013年8月6日 8時11分 
Make sure your profile is PUBLIC.
CrazyCarl92 2013年8月6日 10時53分 
Watzi の投稿を引用:
Make sure your profile is PUBLIC.

I don't get it, the screenshot and my profile are public. Is this a joke or something? :/
CrazyCarl92 2013年8月7日 0時45分 
So I decided to go ahead and get the last achievement, hoping the other 3 would pop along with it, but they did not. :(

This is a strange issue.
Space42 2013年8月7日 15時39分 
I have all 15 achievments and have the same problem. Only 13 of them count. And I was online several times since I got them.
CrazyCarl92 2013年8月7日 16時26分 
online の投稿を引用:
I have all 15 achievments and have the same problem. Only 13 of them count. And I was online several times since I got them.

Yeah I have 15/15 in game, but the last 3 won't pop. :(

If you find a solution, please post it here. I will do the same.
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Sniper 2013年8月8日 13時48分 
same here Carl just one wont pop up for me and I gave up
ЅДм╬мДN 2013年8月8日 20時30分 
So I'm afraid this could be a bug, since other people have this problem too!
Mega Munchy 2013年8月10日 17時57分 
Its happening to me also, I also have all 15 achievements but the achievement "lab rat" won't cedit to steam. So i have no idea how to credit it back :(
ЅДм╬мДN 2013年8月10日 20時51分 
I had Lab Rat in my list, and so far never had any issue with earning any achievement, this is seems to be an annoying bug, I don't know if switching to the Beta will help or not, but it worth a try!

And make sure you haven't enable "developer commentary" or cheats in the game, I think it doesn't allow to credit your achievement...
Rudolph 2013年8月16日 15時02分 
I'm having a similar problem. I've completed all the advanced chambers and have the achievements Fruitcake and Vanilla Crazy Cake, but Cupcake is still locked for some reason... this is indeed a strange issue.
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