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Brightel 2013年6月25日上午9:34
Portal Advanced chambers achievement problem
I did all advanced chambers without any cheat and of course I earned ''Vanilla crazy cake'' but I cant get my ''Cupcake'' achievement. Valve should fix this achievement problem.
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Princess of Pantsu~ 2013年7月29日上午10:51 
I have the exact same problem.
Brightel 2013年7月29日上午10:58 
Valve should fix this problem.
Gutz 2014年1月10日下午1:03 
I've finished all the 6 advanced maps, I have the "vanilla cake" and "fruits cake", but the "cupcake (beating 2 advanced maps)" is still missing :/ it doesn't make sense !
Brightel 2014年1月10日下午2:34 
did you played any chamber offline?
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