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fireyre 21. Juni 2013 um 6:28 Uhr
Test Chamber 15, anyone?
I've tried it over and over again and taken suggestions. I always land too far away from the portal on the floor. Help?!
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portalsoup 21. Juni 2013 um 11:50 Uhr 
Try to make the portal on the floor as you are flying towards it? Honestly, this happens to me all the time and all I do is just keep trying over and over until it just works.Good luck!
Tatsur0 21. Juni 2013 um 15:29 Uhr 
Don't aim straight down and about 5ft off the ground shoot 25 degrees up ahead of you and you should hit it just fine.
Havocbyte 21. Juni 2013 um 22:27 Uhr 
I'm also stuck on that level. :(
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G33smeagz 26. Juni 2013 um 9:48 Uhr 
look at what i did in my playthrough and see if it helps...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDhZS4BMI7Q
fireyre 26. Aug. 2013 um 16:04 Uhr 
Apparantly my version of Portal is screwy... Half of the tiles in mine are black, and they're supposed to be all white, according to everybody else...? Thanks for the help anyway, I'm going to look for a bugfix.
Rapature 27. Aug. 2013 um 3:00 Uhr 
15 is a very tricky one indeed
Bellomy 28. Aug. 2013 um 17:11 Uhr 
Oh damn, 15. I despised that level, because it was an awesome puzzle.

Anyway, the real trick, which took me awhile to learn how to do, is to shoot the portal WHILE you're falling and, as a previous poster said, roughly 25 degrees in front of you.

It is a devilishly difficult puzzle, though.
fireyre 28. Sep. 2013 um 16:34 Uhr 
Thanks, guys!! I found my problem: I had been playing the ADVANCED version of Test Chamber 15!! I feel like an idiot. I don't know when I said I wanted to do that. xD I had to go into the next room and shoot a portal to the floor from the top of the stairs, and shoot a portal at the headboard, THEN fly over.
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