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Kisuke 2013年10月28日 11時00分
at chamber 13 or the one after 12 there is a very weird glitch... i want to file a complaint fo it so that some how some one can fix it. i cant post pictures i guess but can someone help me?
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ertesda 2013年10月28日 11時19分 
More details, please.
anna_blanchard 2013年10月31日 7時37分 
I think I'm having a similar problem, it's like the lift loads, but in the doorway to the level, I can't go through it and the doorway looks like this: http://www.tickld.com/t/387633?new=
nuh1 2013年10月31日 12時43分 
Are you playing Portal: First Slice by any chance? It's a graphical glitch that happens when there is just nothing there that is loaded. That was their lazy way of ending the demo, it just doesn't have the rest of the full game to load so it just stops and gives no end of demo screen or anything
Kisuke 2013年11月1日 9時20分 
no i figured out what it is, for me i was talking about first slice. the glitch is that it gets all weird at chamber thirteen, the reason why though cause the demo is supposed to take you directly to the main menu at chamber twelve, but instead it takes you to thirteen but the demo isnt programmed to show 13 so it gets confused and glitches itself. this is only for first slice though.
yahooda 2013年11月8日 17時36分 
I had this same problem with First Slice
xMoneyShadow 2013年11月8日 19時21分 
It's the end of the demo. If you go farther, it could have spoilers before you even buy it
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