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Portal Advanced Maps
I've beaten Portal several times. It's a fun game but I see there are advanced maps that I can play. How do I get to those?
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i do belive you have to subscribe to them in the market , im not completly sure but i think that is right.
Chaireth 2013年10月22日 18時15分 
The Market? Do you mean the workshop? Or is this through the Steam store?
yeh , my bad
I think he means the first Portal game.
Chaireth 2013年10月22日 18時30分 
Sorry, yes. I'm referring to the first Portal game. I've read somewhere that, after beating the game, if the load screen shows a cake (and the radio) then that means I've unlocked that advanced maps. I have seen this screen, but what happens is there's no option for "Advanced" or "Bonus" or "Extra" maps. If I select New Game, it starts me over again in the beginning of the game.
oh ok , wait till the games over and than go to new game it will take you to the maps and you press up or down and go to advanced
Chaireth 2013年10月22日 18時47分 
Wait until the game's over. So I wait for the music to end. I see the load screen. I select New Game. I see that I can start at different chapters, 1-11. And the Test Chambers numbers 00, 04, 08, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19. Are any of these advanced? Do I need to play through the entire game again?
vile 2013年10月23日 4時59分 
No, those are not the advanced maps nor do you need to play the entire game again. On the menu when you launch the game, the first thing listed is "New Game" and under that it should say "Bonus Maps". Click "Bonus Maps" and it should lead you to the Advanced Maps.
Okay, now I know what I'm looking for. I can definitely tell you this doesn't work for me. When I see the menu I see, from top to bottom, "New Game," "Load Game," "Developers Commentary," "Options," and "Quit." There is no "Bonus Maps" choice. So, my question is how do I get that choice? A secondary question, which may inform the answer for the first, is why is this happening or not happening?
ReBoot 2013年10月23日 10時05分 
Did they really disappear? Let me check on my Portal installation.

A good step is to undo any game customization you might have caused.
最近の変更はReBootが行いました; 2013年10月23日 10時06分
Chaireth 2013年10月23日 10時10分 
While I wait for you to check, I don't think I've customized or tried to alter this game. I don't know how I would.
ReBoot 2013年10月23日 12時25分 
The advanced maps are still there. Did you get the achievements while beating the game? Meaning did you NOT use any cheats and similar stuff?
Chaireth 2013年10月23日 12時46分 
I never used any cheats. I have all the achievements except the 4 that deal with the advanced maps and Portal challenges. As a side note, I don't even know what the challenges are. I'm assuming they are part of the advanced maps, but I don't know. See, I'd like to finish this game and get the achievements. So that's why I'm asking for help. I didn't modify the game, nor did I cheat.
ReBoot 2013年10月23日 12時50分 
No worry, we trust you.
It's strange anyway.
Did you get to the very very very end?
What does the console say when you type sv_unlockedchapters?
Chaireth 2013年10月23日 13時01分 
I believe I got to the very very very end. The tunnel, the cake, the song.

Let me try to type that...

Okay, so I went to Options and enabled the developer's console.
Then I started the console with ` and typed sv_unlockedchapters as you suggested. Here's the response:

"sv_unlockedchapters" = "15" (def. "1")
-Highest unlocked game chapter.

Does that make sense to you? Do you know what it's telling me?
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