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Grim Reaper 2013年12月8日 9時15分
If they made a portal 3 they should use the space core?
If they DO make a portal 3 i think space core should come back to earth and somehow take over the lab then everything is all space-like or messed up? I think it would be awesome plus the things that he would say would be funny XD
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Grim Reaper 2013年12月8日 9時16分 
Also what if rattman was the main charicter and the compainion cube he had could speak to you (doug)
Ƙєαтση the Black Spy #82 4月7日 9時12分 
Sorry, space core is in Skyrim...

And Wheatley is floating farther into space due to a Best Character Award rocketing into his face...

Rick is still in space...

And that intelligence sphere manage to escape that portal to the moon and is now in Aperture science
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