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dday515 2013年11月30日 9時42分
Play without volume??
I've been playing Portal and am almost done with Chapter 1 - am I missing much if I'm playing with the volume off? I've played with the volume on a few times, and do hear the "lady" giving me information, but it seems like its mostly just to break up the game - is it important to the plot?
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rpgamer987 2013年11月30日 14時37分 
There's no[t much] text to read, so if you've got no volume, you basically have no plot. Unless you're playing with captions on or something, I guess.
ylwolf 2013年12月29日 20時12分 
the sound is ALL of the plot
Bearweiser 2013年12月29日 21時04分 
I agree
Bellomy 2013年12月29日 22時48分 
You're missing the best part of the game with the volume off. At least use captions.
KiyaKusha 2013年12月30日 7時19分 
There is so much you will miss by playing with the sound off. Especially when you play Portal 2
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