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<<<DEMOSS_PRO>>> 2013年11月30日 1時44分
Do not have sound after installing portal
i install portal game again. But do not have sound on this. Other my game working perfectly !
i7 920 3.42GHz\\Cooler Master v8\\12gb_CORSAIR_1624mhz\\2x128gb SSD\\ 6x1 TB HDD\\GTX680 4GB\\GTX260OC 868mb\\Cooler master COSMOS PURE\\1200W power supply
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Star Fire 2013年11月30日 12時06分 
Try Verifying chache I really can't think of much else I can't find crap anywhere on Google or anything. Also if you've already done that try taking a look at this fix it's for mac though but it's the best I chould Pull up.
Also just wondering are you using Linux or Windows? You din't really point out the OS But I'm pretty sure Windows and Linux use the same hardware so I don't really know.
最近の変更はStar Fireが行いました; 2013年11月30日 12時12分
<<<DEMOSS_PRO>>> 2013年11月30日 13時52分 
Now it's all ok. I use Windows 7 x64 offcause.
I delete and reinstall portal game and it' working now fine. Do not know what it was be, but now all is ok (O_o)
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