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Isaac 2013年11月29日 12時35分
can't find background image materials/console/startup_loading.vtf
After properly installing the projex portal mod, when I launch projex (Which is seperate in my games library from portal), the screen for the game is white with black borders and I can hear the music from the valve intro but can't see it and after the music finsihes the screen continues to be white and an error message pops up saying this. After I close the message the game itself closes and it becomes and endless cycle of pain from wanting to play this awesome mod. Please help, thanks.
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2013年11月30日 13時11分 
I know, steampipe faked it up so badly that it got removed from ingame or something. Every Portal gamer has this issue now, because of steam pipe. Great fakkin job Valve. You have faked it up.
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Isaac 2013年11月30日 21時47分 
Good to know I'm not the only one! Well, I still love and devote my life to valve and all things valve. Haha
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