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B1llso 2013年11月20日 7時21分
Chapter 5 ending *SPOILER ALERT*
So, I just finished Portal 2 BTW great game, and there's one thing that still bugs me since the ending of chapter 5 when you have to press the Stalemate Resolution Button, and my question is: What would happen if you don't press it?
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Bellomy 2013年11月20日 9時38分 
Nothing at all. You'd just be stuck there until you pressed the button.
Spycrab 2013年11月21日 14時15分 
Nothing. Just sit there and have a nice cup of tea with GLaDOS and Wheatly.
Ericrct 2013年12月6日 16時17分 
Put this in the Portal 2 forum, this is Portal 1.
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