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Nmiser 2013年11月9日 17時08分
Think Portal Should Have Trading Cards?
Think the first portal should have trading cards, i do. If so what do you think the cards should be, and how many should there be to craft the badge? Let me know what you guys think.
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Rogue Jedi 2013年11月10日 13時44分 
I think it shoud and it would probably require eight to craft.
Nmiser 2013年11月10日 16時22分 
Yeah, I would like that.
屁眼火辣辣 2013年11月10日 22時34分 
yes Portal should have trading cards
Nmiser 2013年11月11日 2時59分 
I agree.
DasPummelchen 2013年11月11日 9時31分 
Rogue Jedi 2013年11月11日 15時45分 
I think that there is an unwritten rule that only one game per series can have cards.
Nmiser 2013年11月11日 16時49分 
Really? That would make sence because half-life 2 has cards but the first half-life does not. But still that sounds kind of wierd.
Rogue Jedi 2013年11月11日 17時18分 
Also, only Civ5 has cards.
Supermarine 2013年11月11日 21時09分 
RogueJedi6 の投稿を引用:
I think that there is an unwritten rule that only one game per series can have cards.

All Total War games have cards.
Rogue Jedi 2013年11月11日 21時15分 
I didn't know that but it appears to be mostly true that only one game per series has cards.
Mega Munchy 2013年11月11日 21時48分 
If Portal had a trading card set, What are the cards, emoticons, backrounds, & badges going to look like?
Nmiser 2013年11月12日 3時14分 
There could be a sentry gun card, I think there is already an emoticon for a sentry gun. There could be a ratman card, a radio card, a companion cube card, a rat man's den card, there could be a the end or mabey a freedom card and it shows the scene at the end of the game where you are outside.
Nmiser 2013年11月12日 3時16分 
These are just a couple I thought up just now, I'm sure I there would be more. The badge would most likely take 8 cards to make, maybe 6.
Longsoul 2013年11月12日 12時26分 
yea! Portal is representative of steam
Nmiser 2013年11月12日 15時32分 
Anybody know of a way we could get Valve's attention and mabey pitch this to them? I'm sure there are lots of other people who would like the classic portal to have trading cards.
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