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Hagonir 2014年1月21日 12時14分
Hi guys, i need a little help.
I would first apologize for my bad English. I'm still learning, i'm sorry.

In ''Portal'' there are 3 unlockable achievements in the advanced test chambers: the first is unlocked if you exceed 2 advanced test rooms, the second if you exceed 4 rooms and 3 if you exceed 6 rooms. What I can't understand, is why I unlocked the archievement of the 2 rooms (pastry) and the archievement of the 6 rooms (super vanilla cake), but not that of 4 rooms (fruit cake) .. can someone help me?
I have already tried to play again 4 advanced test rooms, but it still does not give me the archievement.

thank you!
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Aggoras 2014年7月1日 13時01分 
have the same prob. -.-
Tuknar 2014年7月1日 18時57分 
Same here, I finished the first two rooms and got the achievement, and when I finished the third room Steam showed my progress for the next one (1 out of 2 rooms completed for getting the achievemente), but when I later finished the forth room ( the one with the turrets), nothing happed... I've done the room twice now, and gotten to the elevator from past saves a few times more and still I dont get credit for it...I dont know if I should report a ticket or not... Does it take too much time for Steam/Valve to responde and get it fixed?
Tuknar 2014年7月1日 19時06分 
Guys, I found the solution right here... It worked for me...

Awake. 2014年7月1日 19時27分 
That fixed it for me.
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