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Smokagon 2014年1月20日 11時40分
Achievement Problem
Ich habe das Achievement "Sachertorte" erhalten, jedoch nicht "Bienenstich", was keinen Sinn macht, da ich "Bienenstich" eigentlich erhalten sollte, wenn ich 4 fortgeschrittene Karten schaffe, ich habe schon alle geschafft. Daher meine Frage an euch: Wie löse ich das Problem?

I have the achievement where you have to complete all advanced maps, but I don't have the achievement which you get by completing 4 of the 6 advanced maps. My question to you guys is now: How am I supposed to solve this problem?
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Little Kitten 2014年1月26日 5時42分 
I have the same problem with the normal mapes i did the time challenge/steps and portal and got all 18/18 for bronze ingame it shows 18/18 but still a lock and achievement also doenst pop in steam :( How can i fix that. dont really wanna go for silver and gold it bronze doesnt unlock
Smokagon 2014年1月26日 6時02分 
I think it's an annoying bug in the achievements. Let's hope we'll get some advice :D
Dapo 2014年2月22日 9時00分 
Reinstalling the game and doing an advanced map solved for me.
Smokagon 2014年2月22日 14時21分 
Thanks, it worked pretty well
BoKie™ 2014年2月26日 11時35分 
Smokagon の投稿を引用:
Thanks, it worked pretty well :B1:
So you just have to re installl game and install or do all over again?
Smokagon 2014年2月27日 0時50分 
Just re-install the game
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