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[LAZY] The Gate Keeper 1月17日 16時59分
help portal
i am on antichamber 15 and have no clue how to beat it please put tutorial vidieo in description.
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NOCTURNE 1月18日 9時50分 
There are still people who can't use the internet? There are thousands of videos about this game, included steam.
By the way, if you in test chamber 15, how do you have only 1 achievement?
最近の変更はNOCTURNEが行いました; 1月18日 9時54分
[LAZY] The Gate Keeper 1月19日 18時22分 
well do u know that this is portal one and i suck........
[LAZY] The Gate Keeper 1月19日 18時43分 
never mind i beat it

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