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jexadox 2014年1月8日下午2:07
Best game ever
does anyone else think this game is awesome? or does anything bug you? my only con is that its sooo short.
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Slycopperr 2014年1月10日下午5:37 
The game has a nice concept, tough puzzles and a really funny comedy to it, I can assure you Portal 2 packs the same punch and it's much longer than the first, worth the try!
ameterasu ~STRIKE THE EARTH~ 2014年1月11日上午12:39 
it needs to be longer
ameterasu ~STRIKE THE EARTH~ 2014年1月11日上午12:40 
i agree
Mr.Hali 2014年1月17日上午9:08 
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it needs to be longer
i agree, there could be more, like 27 or something like that.
Lord Shahagan 2014年1月18日下午7:06 
Still a Great game, even though made my brain feel melty at times.
GOLDNKDAY 2014年3月6日下午1:06 
I agree good game, but I feel it was the perfect length because it made me want Portal 2 even more.
ameterasu ~STRIKE THE EARTH~ 2014年3月6日下午1:10 
this was a triumph, i'm making a note here, huge success. it's hard to overstate my satisfaction with portal 2.
BENZI 2014年3月7日下午1:56 
jexadox 2014年3月7日下午2:47 
lol. yeah.... but my laptop won't run portal 2 :*(
ameterasu ~STRIKE THE EARTH~ 2014年3月7日下午8:03 
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lol. yeah.... but my laptop won't run portal 2 :*(
Kamenos 2014年4月3日下午6:49 
Portal has offered me the most fun i have ever had in a game. Indeed it is extremely short, but thankfully Portal 2 is considerably longer so it can be forgiven. Portal's length is arguably its only flaw.
man_without_eyes 2014年4月4日上午9:17 
Portal is better than Portal 2
Eisbluemchenn 2014年4月4日上午10:39 
I agree :D
jexadox 2014年4月5日下午7:09 
引用自 man_without_eyes
Portal is better than Portal 2
how so? the graphics are better, but i haven't finished 2 so i can't compare the story. i've heard its good though.
AfricanDarkrai 2014年4月5日下午10:54 
Yes, while the levels are fun to play (especially the final one) I still wish it lasted longer and also
"The best game ever"? You have played Half-Life 2 right?
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