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*****punkgirl871 2014年1月5日下午9:59
stuck on chamber 15, 2nd field
I can't leap over the field in the second part of the chamber; I've tried every angle configuration I can think of with both portals (I figured out it's all about angles, but I can NEVER get the right one!) for the better part of two hours. I'd place a blue potal at the top of the protruding platform and a yellow one below the stair portion. But it just drops me straight down, no twists about it. Is there a trick, other than the hit-at-angle business? And how exactly do I "unlock" the long jump acheivement? That could help, since I can barely jump.
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EYazz 2014年1月6日上午3:02 
You have to quickly place another yellow portal before you hit the floor after coming out of the blue portal, so you can fly over the field.

Look on the Portal Hub for the achievement guide.
Bellomy 2014年1月6日下午7:26 
Yep. When you initially fall out of the high up blue portal, you'll go straight down into the orange portal. Then you'll fly farther and need to reshoot an orange portal when you're flying towards the ground. That'll give you the momentum to get over the force field.

Test chamber 15 is a monster of a chamber, and I love it.
*****punkgirl871 2014年1月7日下午2:38 
Got through that, now I gotta jump through portals on rotating glass boards! Sheesh! (Do I get the sneaky suspicion the levels get harder as they go?) Crazy in a box with a side of frustration, but...challenge accepted! XD
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