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AlexandreHostert 2014年1月5日上午4:24
Test Chamber 15 - Gordon, shoot the core?
Hey Guys.

Did you see in test chamber 15, when carrying radio, when I walk close to energy ball in it's original place I see a subtitle, just a subtitle, no voice:

"Go Gordon, shoot the core", something like that (because I was playing in pt language).
I searched here and youtube, but seens noone view it yet.

Any one here view it? No cheats, just normal play.
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CubicApocalypse 2014年1月22日下午5:59 
Portal's technically a modded HL2:Ep1 IIRC, so that probably refers to Gordon Freeman. As to why it appears in Portal, I have no idea.
Little Mac 2014年2月2日下午2:54 
After testing this out for a long time (I even noclipped the radio back to the first energy pellet) I've come to the conclusion that this is either, 1: Absolutely false. Or 2: Only happens under VERY specific circumstances. Assuming it's true, then it may be left over from a beta-portal phase. The portal gun was originally the idea for a gun in Half Life, but they didn't add it. So it's safe to assume they could have started Portal in which Gordon is the main character.
AlexandreHostert 2014年2月18日上午10:07 
Hey Dreaches. You can discard option 1 :)
This very specific circumstance is that I was trying to find. Well, sometime it will happen again.
I hope my print screen will be fast enough that time :)
Ze Doctor 2014年5月17日下午4:28 
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After testing this out for a long time (I even noclipped the radio back to the first energy pellet)

Note that there is more than one radio in test chamber 15 and definitly more than one energy pellet! You may want to try all of them with both radios(noclip).
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Little Mac 2014年5月18日下午2:04 
Thread successfully necro'd
Ze Doctor 2014年5月19日下午12:03 
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Thread successfully necro'd

Little Mac 2014年5月21日上午7:52 
Necroing means reviving a dead thread. There was no one responding here, then you replied and started it back up.

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Thread successfully necro'd

Ze Doctor 2014年5月21日上午8:43 
Oh okay. But yeah I've seen something like this before in Portal 2, if you fire a missile into the goo, Dr. Kleiner (from Half-Life) will say "Oh Fiddlesticks! What now?" The reason is because there is no proper sound for a missle hitting the goo.
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