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DizzyDruid 4. led. 2014 v 12.15 odp.
[UPDATE] Lost hours, achievments and progress (PC)
I've just finished the game and started again for the radio and camera achievments. In the Testchamber 19 I enabled the console and the cheats and used the one for walk through the walls trying to reach previous chambers but did't worked. When disabling the console I noticed that the Lab Rat achievment and two hours of gameplay were missing, I loaded the game and the title screen was reset too. I played the Testchamber 11 again saved but after synchonizing with the cloud the achievment still don't appears in the record but apperas during the game.

TL;DR After messing with the console lost one achievment, two hours of gameplay and the title screen cake theme.

UPDATE: Played some more, beated 2 advanced maps got the cupcake achievment and the free fall achievment, they were sucessfully synchronized with my steam account. Seems like only the Lab Rat keeps resetting.
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