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yosh 2013年12月30日 15時48分
I can't unlock Vanilla Crazy Cake
I've beat the stages (Legitimately) multiple times and it still wo n't unlock >.<
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EYazz 2013年12月31日 2時41分 
There has always been a problem with the achievement system in Portal. I still can't unlock Lab Rat, which is the very first achievement.
TetchyEquation 2014年1月25日 12時49分 
dont know..but i have to get back to you when i have cleared my copy of portal of everything
Recreational Bug 2014年3月11日 23時48分 
I can confirm this. I just tried to unlock Vanilla Crazy Cake three times and it won't unlock on Steam. In-Game though, it says I got the achievement already.
最近の変更はRecreational Bugが行いました; 2014年3月12日 13時00分
Darrark 2014年3月21日 23時15分 
I... I cheated. Not sure if they fixed it, but last I checked you can noclip to the end, get out of noclip, remove cheats, save, leave, load save, then finish. It couldn't tell that I'd cheated.

It's how I finished all those impossible challenges. Not sure if it still works though. If you're going for legitimacy, I can't help you-- I sucked so bad at most of the challenges.
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