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Shuttle099 2013年12月30日上午9:43
I am unable to unlock the Heartbreaker achivement after completing Portal.
Is there anyway I can fix that and restart from a save to unlock the achievement?
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Sølvpilen 2013年12月30日上午10:25 
The achievements in this game is pretty ♥♥♥♥ed up.

I'm missing 4 achievements.
1 Bronze challange
2 Silver Challange
3 Gold Challange
4 Camera Shy

Ingame under achievement's I have completed Bronze, Silver and Gold. Steam tells me I'm missing them. And I'm unable to do Camera Shy, I've done it 3 times now and given up. It goes to 33/33 but doesn't unlock.
Shuttle099 2013年12月30日上午10:29 
No way to fix it?
Sølvpilen 2013年12月30日上午10:37 
Not that I know. I had problems completing achievements in Portal 2 aswell, then I could just restart the game (quit to windows) and do the achievement ones more and it worked. Doesn't work for me in Portal 1
Shuttle099 2013年12月30日上午11:02 
I solved the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the game and restarting from the save.
ATLAS 2014年1月2日上午5:32 
Perhaps internet connection has been lost somewhere? Portal relies very heavily on an internet connection for achievements.
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