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Shuttle099 2013年12月30日 9時43分
I am unable to unlock the Heartbreaker achivement after completing Portal.
Is there anyway I can fix that and restart from a save to unlock the achievement?
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Nubi 2013年12月30日 10時25分 
The achievements in this game is pretty ♥♥♥♥ed up.

I'm missing 4 achievements.
1 Bronze challange
2 Silver Challange
3 Gold Challange
4 Camera Shy

Ingame under achievement's I have completed Bronze, Silver and Gold. Steam tells me I'm missing them. And I'm unable to do Camera Shy, I've done it 3 times now and given up. It goes to 33/33 but doesn't unlock.
Shuttle099 2013年12月30日 10時29分 
No way to fix it?
Nubi 2013年12月30日 10時37分 
Not that I know. I had problems completing achievements in Portal 2 aswell, then I could just restart the game (quit to windows) and do the achievement ones more and it worked. Doesn't work for me in Portal 1
Shuttle099 2013年12月30日 11時02分 
I solved the issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the game and restarting from the save.
ATLAS 2014年1月2日 5時32分 
Perhaps internet connection has been lost somewhere? Portal relies very heavily on an internet connection for achievements.
最近の変更はATLASが行いました; 2014年1月2日 5時32分
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