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Gene 29 dec 2013 om 11:26vm
how to final glados in the begining?
how to final glados in the begining?
i cant grab its core why
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G-man 29 dec 2013 om 7:55nm 
Use portals to your advantage use portals to move the core around
The 64th DMan 29 dec 2013 om 8:14nm 
Are you talking about the first core that drops, or the other ones on glados? The other ones on glados you need to use portals to get.
Naadir 30 dec 2013 om 9:21vm 
Or is it a bug and you cannot grab a core while standing in front of it?
[EH] Shadow_Mantis 30 dec 2013 om 9:50nm 
Trying to interpret what you said... damn...

"E" key to pick up objects and general interact with the environment... which if that isn't working then you might want to check to see if the key hasn't unbinded itself. If it did unbind itself then rebind...

BUT if you are trying to get at the other cores (and your "E" key is fine) then you need to use the rocket turret's rockets along with portals to redirect them into Glados. When she is hit one of the cores will break off and you will need to get at them using portals, such as using the manuvers the game has been teaching you how to do through out the game (IE. Fling).
Billy.Ljm 31 dec 2013 om 10:55vm 
You're supposed to use the portals to redirect the rockets from the turret towards galdos.
When a rocket hits glados, a core of galdos will get dislodged. You may have to use the portals to get them.
Afterwards, throw the cores into the incinerator
Atlas 2 jan om 5:37vm 
If you haven't directed rockets at GLaDOS, you can't pick them up. They come off afterwards.
Turret #16859 the un/lucky AI 6 apr om 12:58nm 
shoot GLaDOS's rockets back at her the cores should come off
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