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Boring Name 26 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 7:18am
Oculus Rift Support?
I just think Portal and Portal 2 with Oculus Rift support would be amazing? Do you think we'll ever get it?
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Nichard Rixon 26 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 2:14pm 
I hope so. I agree, that would be amazing. I think it is within the realm of possibility, at the very least.
Srs Owl 27 ธ.ค. 2013 @ 12:08pm 
That would be pretty awesome, and remarkably scary.
deepzone 23 ม.ค. @ 7:13am 
Please reenable oculus rift support ! :D
Roland of Gilead 9 ก.พ. @ 10:26am 
Please!! This would be insane in the Rift.
ToterGames 14 ก.พ. @ 10:04am 
no, maybe a new portal with oculus rift support but i think there never will be a portal 3
JZ_Rainbow_Flarez 15 ก.พ. @ 3:11pm 
if they did it would make me get that thing when it comes out like the first person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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