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party pooper 2013年12月20日下午10:23
giftable portal.
i wanted to buy this as a gift for a freind but accidentally got it for myself. can anyone tell me how to convert the copy to a gift? i cant figure it out. i havnt played it yet.
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Kepter 2013年12月25日下午8:22 
If you buy it for yourself, its only for yourself.
SH 2013年12月25日下午8:27 
Sorry but your stuck with it
party pooper 2013年12月25日下午8:29 
yeah i figured that out i already had a copy so it got deleted. complete waste of 5 bucks.
EYazz 2013年12月26日上午2:20 
Well, to be quite honest it was your fault for not selecting the correct option before purchasing. There are two clear buttons which say either "Buy for yourself" or "Buy as a gift".
最后由 EYazz 编辑于; 2013年12月26日上午2:22
party pooper 2013年12月26日上午5:23 
it was my fault. my mistake non the less. lets all learn from it.
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