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party pooper 2013年12月20日 22時23分
giftable portal.
i wanted to buy this as a gift for a freind but accidentally got it for myself. can anyone tell me how to convert the copy to a gift? i cant figure it out. i havnt played it yet.
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Kepter 2013年12月25日 20時22分 
If you buy it for yourself, its only for yourself.
SH 2013年12月25日 20時27分 
Sorry but your stuck with it
party pooper 2013年12月25日 20時29分 
yeah i figured that out i already had a copy so it got deleted. complete waste of 5 bucks.
EYazz 2013年12月26日 2時20分 
Well, to be quite honest it was your fault for not selecting the correct option before purchasing. There are two clear buttons which say either "Buy for yourself" or "Buy as a gift".
最近の変更はEYazzが行いました; 2013年12月26日 2時22分
party pooper 2013年12月26日 5時23分 
it was my fault. my mistake non the less. lets all learn from it.
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