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Sweegee 2014年5月17日下午3:32
Funny Texture/Particle
If you can read the Files (vtf) go to \materials\effects you can see a vtf named "whatisthis.vtf" What is it ?
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λ3 Confirmed 2014年5月18日上午11:17 
Explain more please. I can't find anything. Can you tell what to look up specifectly? I'd like to know too.
Sweegee 2014年5月18日上午11:46 
Did you look in the vpk files?
λ3 Confirmed 2014年5月18日上午11:56 
To be honest, I'm not that good with computers but when is searched portal, portal\materials\effects, \materials\effects, or whatisthis.vtf I didn't find anything. Also I have a Windows 8 opperating system, if that helps.
λ3 Confirmed 2014年5月18日上午11:57 
I searched in the file explorer.
Sweegee 2014年5月18日下午12:30 
λ3 Confirmed 2014年5月18日下午12:43 
That's weird... what is it?
Sweegee 2014年5月18日下午12:50 
I dunno
CubicApocalypse 2014年6月17日上午2:28 
I think it's a bug.
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