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Sweegee 5月17日 15時32分
Funny Texture/Particle
If you can read the Files (vtf) go to \materials\effects you can see a vtf named "whatisthis.vtf" What is it ?
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Wheatley Bot 2.0 5月18日 11時17分 
Explain more please. I can't find anything. Can you tell what to look up specifectly? I'd like to know too.
Sweegee 5月18日 11時46分 
Did you look in the vpk files?
Wheatley Bot 2.0 5月18日 11時56分 
To be honest, I'm not that good with computers but when is searched portal, portal\materials\effects, \materials\effects, or whatisthis.vtf I didn't find anything. Also I have a Windows 8 opperating system, if that helps.
Wheatley Bot 2.0 5月18日 11時57分 
I searched in the file explorer.
Sweegee 5月18日 12時30分 
Wheatley Bot 2.0 5月18日 12時43分 
That's weird... what is it?
Sweegee 5月18日 12時50分 
I dunno
CubicApocalypse 6月17日 2時28分 
I think it's a bug.
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