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mercalx2006 29. dub. v 7.18 dop.
I am posting for my 7 year old son who is obsessed with Portal. Unfortunately after a couple of years of obsession, he has been watching some of the community videos so he got the crazy idea to install a bunch of cheats. He asked me to enable console, to enable impulse 101 (half life 2 cheat) and Portal Unity was also installed. I've no idea what cheats he has been putting in, long story short, now he's frozen on the spot. I tried erasing portal, physically removing the game from the harddrive. Everything. I am guessing the game saves where the problem so deleted those from the game, hoping for the cloud saves to be erased too.

Only thing I regret is that his bonus chambers will get deleted as he passed portal months ago without any cheats and he earned those. But erasing every imaginable thing doesn't work, nothing works. He starts the game and he is not able to move. Game does not respond to commands, can't make portals, can't move; nothing. The console still works though and he can look around (turn) but that's all he's able to do at this point. How can I kill the console as I forgot, and will that even fix the issue?

PS I should also add his portal files are very odd named, everything seems to be named: hl2, from the app to everything else, there is one directory called "portal" (is that where the actual game is now)? I tried to launch the "hl2" app and it gave me an error message.
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