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ClassicalSword 2014年4月28日 17時18分
"85.2 fm"(Radio in game) Sound file location
Can someone help me find the sound file that the radio plays in game? Is there one?
Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
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A-06 2014年4月29日 6時07分 
Most of the content of the game is stored in a few VPK files, to open these files you need to install this program: GCFScape[nemesis.thewavelength.net]

When you're done installing it, head to this folder: Steam\SteamApps\common\Portal\portal and open the file "portal_pak_dir."

A new window will emerge, inside you'll see a few folders, open the one called "sound," and inside that there's another folder called "ambient," open it and drag the folder "music" to your desktop, now you have the file you're looking for, it's called "looping_radio_mix."
最近の変更はA-06が行いました; 2014年4月29日 6時08分
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