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R][H-XVI Apr 24 @ 11:34pm
Graphics problem (Dx)
I started playing and noticed its using dx7 by default and low resolution. Motion blur was greyed out and such. I exited, and put "-dxlevel 95" on the launcher. So I went back and saw its using dx9+ now. I increased the resolution and put the graphics settings on all max,and clicked "Apply". motion blur included. By this time, i could see that both software and hardware are using dx9+.

Heres the problem: When I start a new game (I am new) after changing the settings, I noticed there was no motion blur. I checked and was suprised to see the "hardware" changed back to dx7 but the software stays dx9.

I tried doing it over and over again, but still no success. the dx9 just wont work when I start the game. so basicly my problem is:
-On Main Menu:dx9 works.
-Start the game:dx changed back to dx7

I appreciate any Help
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nuh1 Apr 25 @ 1:35am 
Try "+mat_level 92" instead. The most common solutions I've seen were either "-dxlevel 90" or "+mat_level 92". Hope it helps in any way. Those low quality portals are all kinds of ugly.
Rockhead Gaz Apr 26 @ 1:34pm 
-dxlevel 95 launch option worked for me. Just make sure to delete it after running the game once and sorting out all your graphics options.
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