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KeyweilderX Apr 24 @ 10:28pm
I'm not receiveing achievments?!?
So I got the portal bundle a few days ago,and i just finished the first game, but I'm not geting any acheivements for it.I didn't get heart breaker(complete portal) or anything else....nothing is poping up.What do i do???????
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Davido01 | twitch.tv/davido03 Apr 24 @ 11:05pm 
No idea. Just make sure you are online (although I think you should still get them offline) when you playing and that you have fulfilled the criteria.
Davido01 | twitch.tv/davido03 Apr 24 @ 11:28pm 
It says you only have an hour on record, yet you state you completed the game. I doubt you beat it in an hour...so obviously something going wrong with the steam tracking somewhere.
Yooki Apr 25 @ 10:31pm 
After trying to find out more about this problem I found out people were experiencing similar problems with achievements in the original Portal game.

Try the solution offered in this topic and let us know if it works:
KeyweilderX May 1 @ 5:23pm 
I was offline
realisticly I've played it about 5 hours
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