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sirblueghostfire 23. apr @ 8:11pm
dont work
the game doesnt work? how can i fix?
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Honey Badger 23. apr @ 8:21pm 
sirblueghostfire 23. apr @ 8:27pm 
oh im backing it u
just to try
if it works
Vorak 23. apr @ 8:47pm 
sirblueghostfire 23. apr @ 9:19pm 
Yooki 23. apr @ 9:38pm 
The game works well enough on my end if you ignore the random stuttering here and there. I am running it under Windows 7 and it seems completely compatible. Could you please give us some specs under which you are trying to run the game?
sirblueghostfire 23. apr @ 9:43pm 
im running a window 7
sirblueghostfire 23. apr @ 9:56pm 
all u need to is back up the game
Yooki 23. apr @ 9:56pm 
You should read this topic on Steam forums:

And these seem to be some of the steps described in the first page of the discussion that I've linked above:
  • Do not run task manager or any other application that has been set "Always On Top".
  • Temporarily disable any additional system toys you might have installed.
  • Try adding -32bit to your game launch options in your Steam games list.
  • Change various options in your GPU configurations/options panel.
  • Lower your DrectX level.
And I should also note that reinstalling the game could help solve the problem as well.
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sirblueghostfire 23. apr @ 10:10pm 
TheParkourAce 25. apr @ 3:31pm 
By fixing it...
sirblueghostfire 25. apr @ 3:41pm 
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