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sirblueghosfire 4月23日 20時11分
dont work
the game doesnt work? how can i fix?
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Swaggernaut 4月23日 20時21分 
sirblueghosfire 4月23日 20時27分 
oh im backing it u
just to try
if it works
Vorak 4月23日 20時47分 
sirblueghosfire 4月23日 21時19分 
Yooki 4月23日 21時38分 
The game works well enough on my end if you ignore the random stuttering here and there. I am running it under Windows 7 and it seems completely compatible. Could you please give us some specs under which you are trying to run the game?
sirblueghosfire 4月23日 21時43分 
im running a window 7
sirblueghosfire 4月23日 21時56分 
all u need to is back up the game
Yooki 4月23日 21時56分 
You should read this topic on Steam forums:

And these seem to be some of the steps described in the first page of the discussion that I've linked above:
  • Do not run task manager or any other application that has been set "Always On Top".
  • Temporarily disable any additional system toys you might have installed.
  • Try adding -32bit to your game launch options in your Steam games list.
  • Change various options in your GPU configurations/options panel.
  • Lower your DrectX level.
And I should also note that reinstalling the game could help solve the problem as well.
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sirblueghosfire 4月23日 22時10分 
TheParkourAce 4月25日 15時31分 
By fixing it...
sirblueghosfire 4月25日 15時41分 
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