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Portal 1 Mods?
are there any mods for portal?
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Yooks 23. huhti, 2014 21.45 
One of the general 'goto' places for game modifications is the ModDB community, and you should also check your favorite search engine.

Portal Mods on ModDB:

Top 10 Mods suggested by GameFront:
Portal prelude also exists
Also one of the best mods for Portal 1 is "Portality".
It is not easy, some parts are even very difficult,
but really good!
Download at this website:
filename is: "portality_16.12.2011_v0.1b.1.7z"
For steam pipe hotfix (changing the text in Gameinfo)
see the comment of "gazzy19431" and click {LINKKI POISTETTU}
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Näytetään 1-4 / 4 kommentista
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