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*****punkgirl871 4月23日 15時18分
GLaDOS: wireless mouse or touchpad/keyboard?
I can't complete the boss fight because I move too slowly. I play on a Windows 8 PC with touchpad. A friend poked fun at me and helped me through it, but said it's better to use a wireless mouse (why are they all built for righties?!).
Any tips?
*P.s. - thank you so much Steam for decreasing the price of Portal 2! Just bought the game!
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Yooki 4月23日 22時26分 
I play the game with a Xbox 360 gamepad and even though the mouse is generally faster, I think that a gamepad can be as efficient as a mouse if the user gets the 'feel' for it.

In my opinion it's all a matter of taste and I wouldn't worry about what's better or faster and in the end it might be best to make your decision based on what suits your personal preference.

And if you are looking for a personal recommendation, I think you should consider getting a gamepad if you are playing a lot of single player games, as that can provide a more relaxed and casual gaming experience. My second choice would be a wireless mouse as it has less mobility then the gamepad but more then a wired mouse and a touchpad. I would avoid playing games on the touchpad unless none of the above is available.
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A-06 | #HL2_10 4月24日 4時34分 
Tip: you should use portals instead of walking around.
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