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MrJoe008 2. März um 5:30 Uhr
In the whole game i found only 2 Radios
is this a bug
PLease Help
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Icey256 4. März um 19:53 Uhr 
maybe they are well hidden on the companion cube chamber it is undeneath the third rising platform also there can be more then one radio per chamber
Icey256 4. März um 19:54 Uhr 
also more than 2 are hidden on top of cameras
NOCTURNE 6. März um 12:34 Uhr 
Bug?! LOL You just have to search, the music also help you in this. Find a video maybe if its too difficult.
MrJoe008 7. März um 6:38 Uhr 
OK i have the fil the Radios are only to find if you have play portal finish
Turret #16859 the un/lucky AI 6. Apr. um 10:36 Uhr 
What "bug" dude look for'em they're hiding just listen for the catchy music!

(That's what i do)
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