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MrJoe008 2. bře. v 5.30 dop.
In the whole game i found only 2 Radios
is this a bug
PLease Help
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IceyM 4. bře. v 7.53 odp. 
maybe they are well hidden on the companion cube chamber it is undeneath the third rising platform also there can be more then one radio per chamber
IceyM 4. bře. v 7.54 odp. 
also more than 2 are hidden on top of cameras
NOCTURNE 6. bře. v 12.34 odp. 
Bug?! LOL You just have to search, the music also help you in this. Find a video maybe if its too difficult.
MrJoe008 7. bře. v 6.38 dop. 
OK i have the fil the Radios are only to find if you have play portal finish
Courteous Crusader 6. dub. v 10.36 dop. 
What "bug" dude look for'em they're hiding just listen for the catchy music!

(That's what i do)
Zobrazeno 15 z 5 komentářů
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