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aguswings 2014. márc. 1. @ du. 10:05
work with Xbox 360 controller?
Hi, I was thinking about buy this game. Does this work with my Xbox 360 controller? thanks guys
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rocketsssship-64 2014. márc. 2. @ de. 2:01 
yes it does
jams 2014. márc. 13. @ du. 6:27 
Fresh Prince eredeti hozzászólása:
yes it does
how so? i cant get it to work at all.i enabled the gamepad and it doesnt work at alll.only for looking around
Darrark 2014. márc. 21. @ du. 11:12 
Keep gamepad enabled.
Enable console from settings if it's not already enabled
Go into the console by pressing the `/~ key.
type "exec 360controller" (no quotes) and click enter

This should automatically configure your controller to the standard 360 presets. Should work with all valve games as well. (Except Dota, i think)

Whenever you want to switch it back, just type "exec undo360controller" in the console, then set your controls to default from the settings menu.

Hope this helps
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