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G-man 3月1日下午4:22
How do you get different portal gun?
on the store page they have new pictures with a pink portal gun How do you get that?
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oBSAAx 3月1日下午4:31 
That was the beta model.
G-man 3月1日下午7:14 
so how do you get the beta?
Crawfoot™ [REPAIRING MY PC] 3月5日下午1:37 
Google it.
Ericrct 3月8日上午10:02 
You cant get it, that is what they had in the beta then they got rid of it.
Backstabbing Crimson Friend 4月6日上午10:34 
Oh well, bummer i really want to know what it does since GLaDOS metioned "different".
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