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is GLaDOS your favorite character
for me, she is
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Jocomol 2. maalis, 2014 5.31 
for me too
She's cute and lovely C:
Dimitri 5. maalis, 2014 13.41 
Well, in Portal, she is actually the only character witch Chell.
And who do you like more? GLaDOS of course.
Bellomy 5. maalis, 2014 19.18 
sm1th 7. maalis, 2014 4.01 
I like GLaDOS it is cool!
she is crazy ♥♥♥♥♥ but somehow she is cutest female ai i've ever saw.
GLaDOS is like a funny phyco who doesnt care what she does. i want a friend like that well when they arent trying to brutally murder me
MrSekiJV 22. maalis, 2014 10.50 
I like GLaDOS !
I like her voice and her humor !
Me too but the Turret is the best character (MrSekijv wanna be friends?)
I like her but since I haven't played Portal 2 yet I can't say.
AfricanDarkai you'll love GLaDOS in Portal 2 but since you haven't played it yet no spoilers from me...
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