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Darkowic 2014年2月14日下午2:49
Achievment: Camera Shy
Hi! I have a question.

Do I must play from the begin to the end and remove all of cameras or only need to remove in individual act ( not in right way ) ? Because something is wrong...

Sorry for my english :) I hope you know what is the point :)
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B4LD 2014年2月15日下午5:26 
There are 33 cameras that you have to detach and the first 3 are in the chamber 2.
NOCTURNE 2014年2月17日上午11:43 
Yes. You must start the game from the begining and remove all possible cameras. Make sure you checked all room before you leave it, maybe try to use a help video for that. AND its important that you can't destroy some of the cameras!
Darkowic 2014年2月17日下午12:46 
Thank you so much for your answer NOCTURNE :) I'll trying :)
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