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Chub T. Herb 3 фев @ 19:07
I have a statement question and a problem
Ok so I'm not sure about anyone else but sometimes valve's music is able to make me feel intense emotion, and Self Esteem Fund is one of those. So heres the thing-1 anybody else feel that way and 2 is ther ANY WAY I can talk with Kelly Bailey? I know he isnt part of valve anymore but does anyone have his email or something???
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Turret #16859 6 апр @ 10:50 
No idea but the music does have some emotion behind it...
Penguin 10 ч. назад 
The music I think does the same for a lot of people. A lot of the music contains a depressed undertone. I for one enjoy the music. I am not sure how you can contact Kelly Bailey. You could probably do some research about him and see if he has some sort of public social network like Twitter or Facebook.
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