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Zero Fraud 2014年1月22日 1時57分
Portal renamed to Half Life 2 Episode One?
Why has my Portal 1 game in my library been renamed to Half Life 2 Episode One? Anyone else have this problem?
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Wolfe 2014年1月22日 1時58分 
Yeah this is happening to me too. A gig of update and a random name change.
Strauss 2014年1月22日 2時00分 
Happened to me too, you will also notice some people had it change to CSS instead.
kRIST 2014年1月22日 2時02分 
Mine has been renamed to CSS.
BecomingOrion 2014年1月22日 2時26分 
I've had this problem as well. I hope this isn't a bad sign. I stopped the update just to be sure.
huxim 2014年1月22日 2時39分 
Mine has been renamed to CSS too!
Strauss 2014年1月22日 2時40分 
All valve games seem to have randomly been turning into each other.
Julia Gillard 2014年1月22日 2時42分 
mine has updated to css randomly
Guardian 2014年1月22日 2時45分 
hmm... simple mistake by valve? or somthing more... sinister?
SewerRat 2014年1月22日 2時51分 
Portal is now Half Life 2 Episode One here too.....
Aloisia FrozenHeart 2014年1月22日 2時55分 
mine changed to CS:Source !! wtf
jazzz 2014年1月22日 3時43分 
Same here and Universe Sandbox has also changed to HL2E2, thought that was strange as Universe Sandbox is not a valve game. Things you normaly do to solve strange problems like this don't work either, like verify game files or delete appcache etc etc.
最近の変更はjazzzが行いました; 2014年1月22日 4時01分
Muskatnuss 2014年1月22日 4時04分 
Same here, good job Valve.
Chrisis 2014年1月22日 4時09分 
Got the same problem and I can't run the game. It says I have some problems with config in episode1 directory Oo...
SUPERMASSIVE 2014年1月22日 4時12分 
:( at least it isnt only me
[SAP]mr pieman[Vintage][tFGoR] 2014年1月22日 4時16分 
yeah mine has a problem running the game and has had the name changed to half life 2 episode 1
1-15 / 140 のコメントを表示
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