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*****punkgirl871 21 jan 2014 om 6:07nm
Chamber 18 Toward the End; Can't reach top!
I'm on the closest platform to the end of chamber 18, between the raised slanted one and the end of the level. Many walkthroughs show that you're supposed to create one portal and fling yourself far enough to place portals on each level so you only sail through them once. However, I could not fling far enough up to be able to do it that way, so I tried a different approach. Now I'm stuck on the last platform and just fall into toxic death when i try to fly from the slanted platform to the end.


This is the walkthrough. My problem is at 3:37-3:49. Can anyone help?
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Anonymous Oculus 6 apr 2014 om 12:55nm 
I had the same problem in that chamber, don't try to fling yourself yet, remove the camera fom the wall pick it up and drop it in front of the wall with the button to your right when you start the course, lay the portals so the energy balls hover toward the pellet catcher and press the button before it enters you'll figure out the rest...
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