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Rubber Mc ScrubDub 6月25日下午6:49
I Need Help!
For some reason I might have a problem with certain achievements not being unlocked when I've cleary ment the requirements for them. I've tried re-installing the game, restarting steam, playing over the level again. I've done nothing in the console that would disable cheats and i'm not playing on the development comentary version.

Here's what I'm missing so far - http://i.imgur.com/yWSmFxK.jpg
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λlex 7月7日上午9:34 
Don't you have sv_cheats 1 in your cfg, or launch options that you forgot about?

Or maybe try picking up the full portal device by starting the game all over again, it's not that long.
Rubber Mc ScrubDub 7月8日下午8:12 
I got the achievement, it was just some bug in the game.
λlex 7月9日上午3:01 
I'm glad it works now, enjoy the game. :)
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