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Mr Hât 2014年6月13日下午5:48
Cant enable motion blur, set shadows on high or turn on color correction.
I am playing this on my Asus laptop, core i7 gtx670M 3gb video 16gb ram. Anybody have any ideas as to why they are all static for me? I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it but nothing works, could it be my Dx10?
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SeansShow 2014年6月13日下午9:39 
I had the same issue on an Nvidia card when i was playing last night.

If you add -dxlevel 90 to the game launch it'll boot up and use dx9 which lets you select the other settings, looks so much better for it too.
最后由 SeansShow 编辑于; 2014年6月13日下午9:39
Mr Hât 2014年6月14日下午3:06 
I gave it a shot and it worked, THANK YOU!!!
[KINGS] The King 2014年6月18日上午9:06 
why would you ever -want- motion blur? it just makes games look terrible...
Mr Hât 2014年6月20日下午5:42 
eh I kinda like all options, I dont mind it on some games, its really bad on gta4 and spin tires, it never seemed to bother me on portal or portal 2
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