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kris360 2014年5月28日 11時15分
Portal mod`s not working
I haw purchased portal from stem, and downloaded portal prelude (mod), portal prelude haw an automatic installer, so when installed it should run ok, but when i run it, it is only a white screne with the sounds from the opening credit. When the sound are fhinised the game stops and turnes off. what can i do to get it working?
ps. all the mods i install to portal goes like this
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Nick_NT 2014年6月2日 14時09分 
You will have to go to SteamApps>sourcemods>Portal Prelude>gameinfo then copy this in the link: http://pastebin.com/yC0h42RW then replace the original gameinfo then save it and then your good! NOTE: if you see the loading screen messed up, thats ok.
kris360 2014年6月6日 10時20分 
thanks you are a game saver
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