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Noctua Aug 29, 2014 @ 8:36am
Portal Stutter Problem
The game is full playable but recentley when I played through it at multiple points it stuttered for 30sec or so. I know the stutter is common with Source games but 30sec seems a bit to long and it's too frequent. Another thing I noticed is that the loading times are very long especially during the first half of the game. The weird thing is that less than a year ago when I last played this game none of these were an issue, yet now they are. It can't be my PC it's pretty high-end.

Did any of you experience this to or is it just me?
Could it be a recent update that caused this?
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Noctua Sep 20, 2014 @ 1:22pm 
Well I now know that it stutters because of a saving bug. Whenever the game does a save of some sorts it stutters. It can be a normal, quick or autosave. The autosave is the reason why the games stutters on 'random' points but the saving proces takes way to long. This also explains why the loading times are so long, it's because it's not just loading the next part of the game but also autosaving.

So now i know the problem, but what is the solution. Wait for a patch?
I've noticed this as well, but I was assuming it was just one more thing wrong with my PC at the moment.
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