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Dr. Orange Aug 25 @ 8:34am
Hazardous Physics - MOD HELP REQUEST
Hazardous physics is a work in progress mod for Portal. It is however not centered about the portalgun. Instead, the puzzles main tool is... The gravity gun. It's set in a highly futuristic environment, so new models and textures must match this style of art.
Required helps are:
- Texture artists.
- New textures. The textures should be very clean white tilings, and black metals.
- Modelers.
- The primary model needed is a new futuristic gravity gun model. Remember it needs to be
fully compatible with the original model and needs all of it's animations.
- Turrets. The turrets from portal is a good code base. But they need a new model for this mod.
I'm imagening something like a tri-pod mounted minigun.
- Doors, teleporters, window frames, other generic props. All of those small things are what
really matters.
-New concepts.
- I need more puzzle concepts then those I allready have.
Currently, there is: Gravity gun, teleporters, time cubes (freezes in mid-air when not held).
-Voice actors.
- I need voice acting for the AI monitoring the tests. The voice actor should be able to make
voice acting that can both provide "Very, very good!" and "Oh, I'm so going to kill you!".
- I wont need a lot of those. But a game is allways better if many people helps.
- Sound techincian.
- New footsteps sounds would be a nice feature.
- I'm deffinetively going to need a brand new sound for the gravity gun.
- A custom soundtrack.

Status: Barely started
Team members: Me (Dr. Orange)
Maps done: Teleporter demonstration

I wont be entirely strict with, story, design and other stuffs. I do want to keep it as much as possible to the ideas I have, but I want to let other people's ideas in.

Thank you all if you are interested in joining this project! All of you who joins will be credited of course, even for the simplest things.
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