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SillyWalk 2014年8月3日上午5:30 
Narbacular Drop. Same concept as Portal's portals.

引用自 Wikipedia
Valve Corporation, developers of the Half-Life series, discovered Narbacular Drop after its release and hired the entire development team to work for them. The team developed Portal, that shares some things with Narbacular Drop's concept.

Tag: The Power of Paint. Same concept as Portal 2's gels.

引用自 Wikipedia
These gels were created by the team from the Independent Games Festival-winning DigiPen student project Tag: The Power of Paint.

And both of them are free.
I see that Conversion is on this list. If i remember correctly, Conversion is free on steam, but you need to buy Portal 2 to use it.

Still works on the list though.
yy8balluminatri 2014年8月6日上午4:31 
portal prelude
SillyWalk 2014年8月8日上午6:37 
I just remember about Whitewash. It isn't on Steam yet, but it's already greenlighted.

And Twin Sector
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Cagrael 2014年8月8日上午6:50 
最后由 Cagrael 编辑于; 2014年8月8日上午6:51
SillyWalk 2014年8月8日上午7:07 
引用自 Pareletry
Check out Q.U.B.E. on Steam. The link is broken so just search for it.

They don't sell the original version anymore, but the director's cut edition works.
最后由 SillyWalk 编辑于; 2014年8月8日上午7:07
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